The Union of Northern Workers sent out a communique today announcing a change in pay for employees in the event of a strike next week.

In a news release titled ‘GNWT goes from bad faith to union-busting,’ the UNW accuses the government of crossing the line by ‘encouraging union members to turn scab.’

An alleged acknowledgement and waiver for GNWT employees to cross the picket line was shared with Yellowknifer.

A hand-delivered notice went out to GNWT employees earlier this week containing an acknowledgment waiver for employees who may choose to cross the picket line in the event of a strike on Monday.

In response, the union has upped its strike pay from $117 a day to 60 per cent of their gross income.

“For any union members who are part of strategic strike activities, instead of receiving the previously announced strike pay of $117 a day, they will receive 60% of their gross salary, replacing any lost income,” the news release states.

UNW executives have not responded to Yellowknifer‘s inquiries about the change in pay.

The previously announced $117 dollars a day was coming from the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) strike fund, said Kim Bailey, UNW director of finance and administration in an email earlier this week.

When asked how long those funds were expected to last, Bailey stated “specifics on how long it will last should be directed to PSAC Ottawa.”

PSAC Ottawa and PSAC North have not responded to requests for comment on the matter.

Meaghan Richens

Meaghan Richens is from Ottawa, Ont., and grew up in Perth. She moved to Yellowknife in May 2018 after completing her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Carleton University. She writes about politics,...

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