Julie Green, health minister of the Northwest Territories, tweeted Friday that her account had been spoofed, or imitated by another user.

By 1:45 p.m., the account was suspended.

“Please note that the account @juliegreeMLA is a fake account and has been reported to twitter through their official channels,” she posted at 1:06 p.m. “Please don’t follow them! Thanks to those of you who have reached out and expressed concern on the matter.”

The account @juliegreeMLA followed nearly 200 accounts Friday morning, many of them connected to the Northwest Territories, including reporters for NNSL Media and other outlets and politicians including Senator Nick Sibbeston.

It messaged an NNSL Media reporter with a proposition for a financial opportunity worth millions of dollars.

Although the lack of an “n” in the name sets it apart from Green’s official Twitter account @juliegreenMLA, the account features her same profile photo and a background image of the current members of the legislative assembly.

The user said the “grant program” is offered through Sendwave, a financial app used for transferring money to and from African and Asian countries.

Cabinet spokesperson Krystal Pidborochynski said a report about the fake account has been sent to Twitter.

“It is certainly frustrating when someone attempts to impersonate another, but when it happens we do our best to ensure they are reported as quickly as possible,” Pidborochynski said. “It is rare for a Minister to send a private message to people and when government information is shared it is usually done so by redirected them to a government page. All of these steps support efforts to eliminate any risks of misinformation being shared.”

Craig Yeo, constituency assistant for Green, who is also MLA for Yellowknife Centre said it is “gratifying to see the number of persons who have taken the time to ensure this bogus account is pointed out.”

Aside from the tweet Friday afternoon, Green did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Blair McBride

Blair McBride covers the Legislative Assembly, business and education. Before coming to Yellowknife he worked as a journalist in British Columbia, Thailand and Ontario. He studied journalism at Western...

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