NWT medical record system doesn’t pass muster: privacy commissioner

by Sidney Cohen - February 27, 2018

The MLA for Yellowknife Centre wants to know what the government is doing to ensure patients’ medical information is kept private. Julie Green said in 2015, investigations revealed a culture of “snooping” at the Inuvik Regional Hospital after patients’ medical records were inappropriately accessed. A similar privacy breach was examined in 2012. The information and…

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One response to “NWT medical record system doesn’t pass muster: privacy commissioner”

  1. Recently, I had to have a procedure at the hospital. Prior to the procedure, all people scheduled were interviewed in a room together. This is a small town and I knew one person in the room. I was able to overhear their medical history. I had to insist that I be interviewed privately. I was appalled at the lack of privacy. It seems that privacy is an afterthought in our medical system.