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Updated: One dead in house fire near Sissons elementary school


A well known Yellowknifer died Friday night after a fire consumed a home near J.H. Sissons Elementary School.

Alex Debogorksi posted the news on his public facebook page that it was his son who perished in the fire.

Andrew Debogorski, son of reality TV star Alex Debogorski died following a house fire in Yelllowknife on Friday night. He was diagnosed with ALS in June 2017,

"My son Andrew who has ALS has passed away when his house caught fire. His wife and two children are safe. I do not know any more than this at this time but I would ask for prayer for his family and for my own family. Thank you," Alex's post states.

RCMP are now investigating the fatal fire. In a news release they stated a 32 year old male was transported by the fire department to Stanton Hospital.

"A 32-year-old male resident was found inside the dwelling and transported by Fire Division Emergency Medical to Stanton Territorial Hospital where he was declared deceased," stated the release. "A 28 year-old female and two children were able to exit the structure. We do not have medical information on these persons."

The City of Yellowknife expanded on the efforts to save Debogorski in a news release.

"On arrival heavy smoke was coming out of the front and side doors of the residence.  Upon arrival at the residence, the rescue team was deployed and located the individual.   Efforts to resuscitate were commenced immediately while initiating rapid transport to hospital,"  stated Kerry Penney, the city's director of communications.

The release further stated the team of firefighters on the scene attempted to contain the fire in the basement of the home, but were unable to. The team fought the fire until early Saturday morning.

Andrew and his family made news a number of times over the past two years after he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known as ALS, a neuro-degenerative illness that causes people to slowly lose control over body movement over time. His family started a fundraising campaign called Bouge's Buds which raised over $40,000 to pay for his medical costs.

Friday's is the third fire that crews have responded to over the holiday period. On Dec. 21 a garage fire ripped through a home in Yellowknife’s Gold City, crews responded later that same day to calls.

A call came in shortly before 9 p.m. that a fire had broken out in the basement of a property near J.H. Sissons Elementary School. The road was closed from the intersection between 51a Avenue and 56 Street as smoke billowed from the property, making it difficult to see from one end of the street to the other.

A loud bang was heard coming from inside the property at around 9 p.m.

City of Yellowknife’s Municipal Enforcement Division (MED), the Yellowknife fire department and emergency medical services and RCMP were all on scene. Northland Utilities workers were also on the scene.