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Players smash out 2020 at first-ever NWT Open Indoor Tennis Tournament in YK

K M Safat Rashif, left, was the winner of the Mens Singles, with Chris Mathison the runner up. photo courtesy of Slavica Jovic

Dozens of Yellowknifers wrapped up 2020 with the ball in their court for the first ever NWT Open Indoor Tennis Tournament on Dec. 27 to 29 in the Fieldhouse.

Twenty-five players competed in the tournament's 26 games across five categories.

"Participants were happy that they were able to play tennis (and) exercise in winter – especially given Covid-19 restrictions," said organizer Slavica Jovic.

Tennis NWT received emergency Covid-19 funding to support tennis events during the pandemic. Part of that funding was used to organize the tournament, Jovic said.

The games were made possible with lines installed by the City of Yellowknife on Rio Tinto field, opening up both fields for use at the tournament.

In the Ladies Singles category, Tamara Jovic was the winner with a score of 6:0 and Neomi Jayaratne was the runner up with 6:1.

In the Mens Singles, K M Safat Rashif was the winner with 6:3 and Chris Mathison the runner up with 6:4.

In the Mixed Doubles, Tamara Jovic and Nikola Jovic were the winners and Hiro Kobayashi and Randy Rivers were the runners up. Both teams scored 6:3.

In the Ladies Doubles, Hiro Kobayashi and Neomi Jayaratne were the winners, with Catherine Boyd and Tami Johnson the runners up. Both teams received 6:1.

In the Mens Doubles, Chris Mathison and Mike Mathison were the winners and Darren Campbell and Rob Johnson were the runners up. Both teams scored 6:4.