Police have arrested a suspect linked to the presence of a firearm on the Frame Lake trail, RCMP said in a news release on Thursday.

Yellowknife RCMP responded on Wednesday evening to a report of an individual in possession of a gun on the trail.

Several officers arrived on the scene in patrol cars and drove on part of the trail. Pedestrians in the area were instructed to avoid or leave the area for their own safety.

“In one encounter, a person moving quickly on the pathway, towards a moving police vehicle, had to give way and move quickly off the pathway. The officer stopped and checked on the person, who did not appear to be injured, before continuing to the call for service,” the release stated.

Police found the suspect, who was taken into custody without injury. No firearm was located and the suspect has not been charged.

“When we receive a call for service from a person concerned for their personal safety involving a possible weapon, especially a firearm, we must respond with expediency,” said Staff Sgt. Yannick Hamel, operations manager with the Yellowknife RCMP. “Our members are trained in the safe operation of our police vehicles, even during a potential high-risk situation. We spoke to the person who had to move quickly off the pathway, and they advised they were fine, for which we are thankful. We are also thankful that the suspect was not armed once we were able to locate and arrest, (relieving) us of entering into a high-risk situation in a public place.”

Blair McBride

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