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Precautionary landing "a non-event" says Ahmic Air owner

Meaghan Richens/NNSL photo. An Ahmic Air plane outside the hangar on Back Bay.

No one was injured after an Ahmic Air plane made a precautionary landing on Back Bay this afternoon.

Meaghan Richens/NNSL photo. An Ahmic Air plane on Back Bay.

"It was a pretty non-event," said Ahmic Air owner Stephen Jeffery.

The landing was merely precautionary, not an emergency landing as previously reported by other media outlets, he said.

"The pilot noticed that one of the cables wasn't doing what it was supposed to do, so he came back and landed the airplane, and the airplane landed just fine," said Jeffery.

The Cessna 185 landed in the usual spot in Back Bay beside the Ahmic Air hangar, he said.

So basically nothing out of the ordinary happened.

"Except for a lot of firetrucks down main street," said Jeffrey. "Sorry to be so flippant."

Around noon the RCMP said they responded to a request for assistance in relation to an aviation emergency in the Yellowknife area.

"RCMP were requested to assist with the pre-cautionary declared emergency by a single pilot in a small aircraft," a press release from Yellowknife RCMP states.

The RCMP and the Municipal Enforcement Division closed a portion of the ice road and the Fire Division and Emergency Medical Response were also dispatched.

Due to lack of snow on the ice road, the emergency landing was redirected to an airstrip on Back Bay, where the plane landed without incident.

RCMP are not investigating the matter.