A handcuffed prisoner broke loose from custody Saturday as police escorted him to his courthouse cell, according to an RCMP news release. 

During the incident, Jacob Smith-Lafferty, who’s facing a charge of escape lawful custody, bolted as police walked him from the vehicle to a cell. After a short pursuit on foot, Smith-Lafferty evaded capture, police said in the news release.

Shortly after, however, officers responded to a call and found the prisoner in an apartment building near downtown Yellowknife. There were no injuries as he was returned to custody. Police are now reviewing the incident.

The charge against Smith-Lafferty has not been proven in court.

Nick Pearce

Nick Pearce is a writer and reporter in Yellowknife, looking for unique stories on the environment and people that make up the North. He's a graduate of Queen's University, where he studied Global Development...

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