Will be there summer camps of any sort this summer?
All depends on who you talk to.

Some groups are planning to have a camp program of some sort, such as the Racquet Club, while others, like the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club, aren’t planning on it.

Tennis NWT wrapped up its annual summer high performance camp at the Yellowknife Tennis Club on July 5. The participants this year were, from left, Ofira Duru, Monika Kunderlik, Ben Naugler, Jan Martinek (coach), Alexana Kapraelian, Adam Naugler, Ethan Carr, Nikhilesh Gohil and Ben Carr. photo courtesy of Slavica Jovic

When it comes to the Racquet Club, everything is planned to run as normal with the annual Fit Camp starting at the end of June, said Kelli McKim-Barter, the club’s owner.

“Everything is happening outdoors, weather permitting, of course, with the exception of the squash portion,” she said.

If things have to be brought inside, McKim-Barter said distancing shouldn’t be an issue.

“We’re fortunate in that we have a lot of space to break everyone up,” she said. “We have several places where we could do smaller groups so we can keep everyone safe.”

Tennis NWT is in a wait-and-see mode at the present time. The plan is to have its summer camp program happen but what it will look like all hedges on what Kami Kandola, the territory’s chief public health officer, has to say.

“It’s all pending on what restrictions there will be in terms of gatherings,” said Slavica Jovic, a director with Tennis NWT. “If the restrictions right now are lifted, then we will prepare but one question we have is what will the ratio be for people together?”

The plan was to bring back Jan Martinek of B.C., who served as the head pro in Yellowknife last year, and have him operate as the camp’s main instructor but Jovic said that’s on hold right now because of the ban on non-essential travel into the NWT.

If the NWT needs some precedent on opening up, it can look to Manitoba as the provincial government there allowed tennis clubs and courts to open on May 4.

The only question Jovic has about that is what they’re doing about equipment.

“What are they doing with racquets? What are they doing with balls?” she said. “We don’t know the answer so we would have to see what we would do about that.”

No matter what happens, Jovic said it’s up to the city on what the plans will be.

The Yellowknife Gymnastics Club runs one of the more popular summer camps each year but there aren’t any plans to have it this summer.

Jessica Smith, the club’s manager, said the only way camp will happen is if it can be done safely.

“We’re just waiting to see what (Dr. Kandola) says and whether we can have gatherings indoors,” she said. “We obviously provide a service that the community loves and they’ve relied on us over the years to help give the kids something to do to be active. I hope we can offer that this year and follow the guidelines set out at the same time.”

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