Tomorrow will be a big day for many in the city as one of the most popular venues will re-open for business.

But it will be far from business as normal for obvious reasons.

The Ruth Inch Memorial Pool is set to be back in operation as of 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, according to a news release from the city issued yesterday. But you won’t be able to simply walk in and enjoy a swim as there are plenty of rules in place.

The Ruth Inch Memorial Pool is set to reopen tomorrow with plenty of new rules in place due to Covid-19.
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If you want to hit the water, you will have to sign up first through the city’s online booking system and reserve a spot on a given day and time. You can reserve a spot up to seven days in advance. Reservations over the phone are also being taken by calling the pool directly at 920-5683.

The city states that reservations are required in order to stay within the capacity guidelines as approved by the chief public health officer.

Anyone taking part in a session will have to come to the pool dressed in their swim gear and must not arrive more than 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled time. A contact tracing form must also be filled out ahead of time before entering. Face masks must also be worn by anyone entering the building and must be kept on until they enter the water with those under the age of two or people with a medical condition which inhibits the use of a mask exempt. No one outside of reserved swimmers will be allowed to enter the facility and spectators are forbidden for the time being. You are also forbidden to bring any aquatic toys or equipment with you.

Pool users will be given a storage container when they arrive to put their personal items in while they’re in the water. Once a swim is over, swimmers will not be able to use the showers and must leave the building within 10 minutes of the end of their time.

The city also stated that surfaces and touchpoints will be sanitized and cleaned multiple times per day and the water in both the pool and hot tub will be checked on an hourly basis.

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