“You guys are excitable, eh?” Snowking Anthony Foliot said to a boisterous crowd at the final evening of the 24th Snowking Winter Festival.

Foliot and a packed crowd marked an early end to the annual in the Great Hall, Saturday night after another crowd-pleasing festival drew in a month of arts and entertainment and family-oriented activities.

The Heavyweights Brass Band closed out the 24th annual Snowking’s Winter Festival on Saturday night to a packed Great Hall. From left are Tom Richards, sousophone, Chris Butcher trombone, John Pittman, trumpet, and Paul Metcalfe, saxophone.
Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

The Heavyweights Brass Band, a New Orleans-inspired six-piece band from Toronto closed out the night with a long-line up of feel-good, horn music.

Foliot thanked the community for their continued support, his wife, builders and festival organizers.

“Snowking 24 was a success even though we had got a little bit of a plumbing issue,” he said gesturing toward the main entrance of the structure which suffered melting issues due to recent warming issues.

Among those who were in attendance included Sarah Cooke, who was celebrating her 28th birthday. This was her first festival after coming North late last year.

Snowking Anthony Foliot closes out the 24th annual Snowking’s Winter Festival with a boisterous crowd at the final concert, Saturday night. Foliot called the event a success despite some of the “plumbing” issues related to an early spring melt due to warmer than average temperatures.
Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

“I moved to Yellowknife in December so I am brand new here and it is my first time,” she said. “I’m very sad about (the festival ending early) but I am very glad to be here tonight. I had really wanted to come to the snow castle so I was very glad that I got to come before it closed down.”

Sonia Idir was seen dancing up a storm in her favourite dress with Adam Pucek during the concert. She said she had been counting on participating in the daytime event Dance Around the World on Sunday, but was disappointed the event would not take place.

“We were supposed to dance tomorrow here, but because it is closed, we won’t be allowed to dance,” she said. “It’s sad, but I’m happy to be here tonight.”

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Simon Whitehouse came to Yellowknife to work with Northern News Services in 2011. A through and through "County boy" from Prince Edward County, Ont., Simon obtained his journalism education at Algonquin...

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