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Yellowknife's Snowking Winter Festival starts Feb. 29

The official opening day of the 2019 Snowking's Winter Festival. NNSL file photo

After an unseasonable meltdown of the Snowking's Castle last spring, Yellowknifers can look forward to the festival opening Feb. 29.

This year's Silver Jubilee festival, as it will be the 25th anniversary, will feature a challenge from the Snowking to cool down the festival, according to a Thursday night news release.

NNSL photo
Snowking Anthony Foliot closing out the 24th annual Snowking Festival.

The unusually warm weather last spring ended up being a "hot topic discussion under the Midnight Sun" this past summer, where it was ultimately decided that the castle will be built on solid ice (as opposed to floating), a re-oriented schedule that will have headliners appearing first and the festival will lend its voice to discuss climate change.

Snowking himself has proclaimed “the XXVth Silver Jubilee is going to be a great time!”

Starting up immediately in preparation for the festival is the King or Queen of the Hill raffle, where ticket holders are progressively eliminated as they're drawn until only one remains, with updated rules.

This year's raffle with every 25th ticket being reentered into the contest, 25 daily winners (losers) getting $100 in consolation prizes and draw finalists winning $2,500 for first, $1,500 for second and $1,000 for third.

Tickets can be purchased at Down to Earth Gallery or by contacting festival staff.

More details and a construction tour schedule can be found on the Snowking Winter Festival website.