A rogue snowmobiler crossed over fenced-in areas of the Yellowknife Golf Course over the weekend.

A snowmobile crossed over the fence and carved turns on the 13th green at the Yellowknife Golf Course over the weekend. Golf club president Shaun Morris said he hopes the green isn’t damaged but they won’t be able to tell until the snow melts in spring.
photo courtesy of Shaun Morris

Shaun Morris, president of the Great Slave Snowmobile Association (GSSA) and the Yellowknife Golf Club, said the vehicle went over the fence and “did a bunch of carves” on the 13th green. 

“We are hoping that the green surface isn’t damaged but will not be able to tell until the spring when the snow melts,” he said.   

Morris added that there were tracks on another green where a snowmobile had driven but that it “did not stay on the green and carve turns.”

“Actions like this reflect badly on all the entire snowmobiling community,” the GSSA stated in a Facebook post Monday

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