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SOBERING CENTRE: Yellowknife North candidate Rylund Johnson responds to Yellowknifer question

(PUBLISHER'S NOTE: All the MLA candidates were asked to comment on the best way forward for the sobering centre in Yellowknife. Go here to see the full question and context.)

Yellowknife North MLA candidate Rylund Johnson

I have found the most meaningful discussion in this election is not being lead by candidates but by the people I talk to on the doorstep or in the many editorials that have been published to date.

Too much of our leadership is not coming from our prospective leaders. Your statements on the sobering centre are better than I have seen from any candidate, including myself.

I could not agree more. I will quote you once more just in case anyone doesn't realize this makes complete sense: "Every dollar invested in the delivery of Indigenous based prevention, care, and healing services will probably save $10 in the Canadian ‘justice’ system, if not more."