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Subscription wall back up for NNSL newspapers June 1st


We don't want to do it but if we are to continue bringing you the standard of journalism Northerners  have come to expect since News of the North was launched 75 years ago, we have no choice but to start charging for the online newspapers.

Bruce Valpy, Publisher, NNSL Media, Northern News Services Ltd. It's a good deal if you think about it. Subscribers get seven digital news papers - NWT News/North, Nunavut News, Yellowknifer, Weekender, Hay River Hub, Inuvik Drum and Kivalliq News every week for less than a dollar. And that dollar is especially important now that many of our advertisers are on the ropes due to the COVID 19 shutdown. So please, buy an annual subscription to keep Northern print journalism alive or buy a single copy and support Northern food banks (You can do that here). You'll really miss your community newspaper if it's gone. Mahsi Cho, Quyanainni, Merci, thanks, and keep reading!