TALES FROM THE DUMP: Budget time in the city

NNSL- November 15, 2018

It’s budget time at city hall and administration is advising the city that if it goes ahead with the pool and a new water line from Yellowknife River to the water treatment plant, the city will be carrying a lot of debt. No kidding! In this uncertain world, with interest rates rising, less debt is…

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One response to “TALES FROM THE DUMP: Budget time in the city”

  1. It is not in the City Hall Political Establishment’s interest for renters to know how a property tax impacts them because too many people will be concerned about constant tax increases. The property owner knows it is nibbling away at the value of his property. Renters, not so much. This is what I think is called a paradox i.e. those with the power to do the right thing stand to benefit by doing nothing – keeping renters in the dark keeps them naive and uncomplaining. In the absence of the demarcation between the the actual rent and the property tax cost, the blame for the increase in rents falls on the landlords – not the true source (City Hall).