Here are a few seasonal reflections.

Well, we are into December now, so it is what I like to call the Season of Ho Ho Ho. Why? Because there are a number of roly-poly people dressed up in red suits saying Ho Ho Ho. Since this a made-up season, I don’t see why anyone would object to someone saying to them, have a happy Ho Ho Ho.

It is also the start of the VAROOM Season as some people want to go out and play on their snowmobiles. I once asked a dealer why they didn’t make quieter snowmobiles and he explained the Varoom factor to me. “The bigger the Varoom the more people want them.” In fact, some customers actual modify their snow machines after buying them so they will make more noise. Coincidentally the dealers were happy to sell them because the bigger the Varoom, the higher the price.

There is something primordial in the Varoom factor. The bigger the noise obviously people feel the more impressive they are. In winter in the north you can expect to hear a lot of varooming going on in and around town. However, this could become a thing of the past, if electric snowmobiles come in. And why not. If they can make an electric car, why not an electric snowmobile. And an electric snowmobile would surely make a whole lot less noise. So, I say to the Varooms, enjoy them while you can but your days are numbered. Winter quiet will soon once again return to the land.

As you can tell, I am not a big van of loud snowmobiles. And let’s face it there are some mighty loud ones out there. That is one of the side effects of going electric the sounds of silence return. All you hear is the gentle whoosh of displaced air and the soft hum or purr of electric motors. All we have to do is figure out where all the electricity to charge batteries is going to come from.

December is a busy month and there is a lot of hustle and bustle around town. Then suddenly there is this big exodus out of town as people “Leave for the Holidays”. And when some people leave, they really leave, so people will be going across not just Canada and the USA but around the world. Some going home for the holidays and some going on far away exotic vacations. I am always amazed at how far some people travel for a two-week break.

Some years you can actually see and feel a noticeable drop in the pollution. There are parking spaces, shorter lines, less traffic. I really wish the city keep statistics on this. Even the various levels of government shut down for days on end. I find that truly amazing.

How is it that a government that is supposed to govern, can just shut down? With all that the government does and the effect it has on peoples lives, perhaps it is time to think of having the government open like the big box stores. Open almost all of the time.

Some people make a big deal out of seasonal stress or disorder. I reckon people should try to get outside every day. Enjoy the little daylight we have and make the most of it. Winter is also a great time to get creative and paint or write, play music or dance, dance, dance. Its all a matter of attitude.

The saving grace is once we get past Dec. 21, the shortest day of the year, the days start to get longer, and summer is coming. It may not seem like it, but it is. Also, there is so much going on in December, that the month seems to go by quickly. Which is why need more stuff for January and February. This is where we should add in a few more Ho Ho Ho events.

No reason to suddenly stop the Ho Ho Ho-ing at the end of December.

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