TerraX Minerals Inc. is preparing for its winter drilling program just north of Yellowknife.

The creation of ice roads is currently underway on and around Vee Lake and Walsh Lake, which are located about a dozen kilometres north of the city.

TerraX Minerals Inc. is preparing ice roads before it can begin winter drilling for gold at the Sam Otto deposit site at the north end of Walsh Lake. Courtesy of TerraX

“The ice roads on Walsh Lake are being widened and groomed to take the drill equipment, and crews are on the ice now taking ice thickness readings and developing drill pads to make sure the ice is thick enough to support the heavy equipment,” as Joe Campbell, Chief Operating officer told Yellowknifer.

“There will also be work done on flooding and freezing the portage between Vee lake and Walsh Lake.”

Once the ice is thick enough, two rigs will drill for gold 24/7 at the north end of Walsh Lake until mid-April, said TerraX spokesperson David Connelly.

“Specifically operating within the core gold area at the Sam Otto deposit [to expand it],” he said.

After the ice breakup in the spring the drills will be moved to a yet-to-be finalized summer location.

Members of the public should be aware of mineral companies’ drills and vehicles to avoid any accidents, and to be visible and careful on ice roads, especially at night.

Blair McBride

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