The NWT & NU Chamber of Mines and the NWT Chamber of Commerce will host a Territorial Election Forum at Northern United Place in Yellowknife over three nights later this month.

Candidates from seven constituencies in the capital, as well as the neighboring Monfwi and Tu Nedné-Wiilideh electoral districts will be invited, stated a news release.

“Our joint committee has prepared three questions to be answered/discussed at the forum,” Renée Comeau, executive director of NWT Chamber of Commerce, stated in a news release. “We … ask that the answers be provided in writing no later then Monday, Sept. 16 so that all answers can be published and distributed.”

The forums will be held Tuesday, Sept. 10 to Thursday, Sept. 12 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. each night.

Meanwhile, both the NWT Chamber and Chamber of Mines sent out a survey to the groups’ collective memberships of more than 500 businesses and/or individuals asking them: “The NWT is about to enter into two pivotal elections in October and we want to make sure that we are putting the most pressing business related issues to all territorial and federal candidates.”

The top five issues ranked were: red tape/barriers to entry; cost of living; over-regulation; state of the mineral industry; and housing.

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