It was a rough and rowdy night of fisticuffs on Saturday but it was for the good cause of raising money for the Yellowknife Women’s Society (YWS).

Dozens of Yellowknifers came out to the Fight For Her charity kick boxing event at the Chateau Nova Hotel where fighters from across the country stepped into the ring for eight bouts.

The event was a partnership between Stanley Boxing Gym and the YWS, which will receive most of the proceeds raised through a silent auction and ticket sales.

Bringing glory to Yellowknife for the evening was Todd Vatcher, who defeated Joey Prevost from Sudbury, Ont.

Todd Vatcher, left, trades blows against Joey Prevost. Blair McBride/NNSL photo
Todd Vatcher defeated Joey Prevost. Blair McBride/NNSL photo

Jo Noseworthy, from Stanley Boxing’s Grande Prairie gym, won the Central Canadian Prestige Championship belt in his contest against Chase Robson.

Also from Stanley’s Albertan gym was Joey Zang who took on Hajidu Hamoud. The referee stopped the match after determining a lip injury to Zang meant he shouldn’t go on.

Joey Zang, left, blocks a blow as referee Jacqueline Walters observes and Hajidu Hamoud makes contact. Blair McBride/NNSL photo

Yellowknifer Grey Patino put up a good fight against Brandon Leamon of Burlington, but the referee stopped the match in the middle of the second round. Leamon won the belt for Canadian National Prestige Champion.

Brandon Leamon, left, punches as Grey Patino, from Yellowknife blocks the blows. Blair McBride/NNSL photo

The event’s sole women’s match saw Terri-Lee Craig take on Kait Chapman, who emerged the winner of the Central Canadian Prestige Champion belt.

Terri-Lee Craig, left, tries to block a kick from Kait Chapman, who won the fight. Blair McBride/NNSL photo

During one of the intermissions, Muzammal Nawaz, president of the World Association of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO) spoke of the shockingly high prevalence of violence against women in society and that men need to do more to speak out against it.

Jacqueline Walters, left, chief official with the World Association of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO) presents John Stanley of Stanley Boxing with his third degree black belt, along with Muzammal Nawaz, WAKO president. Blair McBride/NNSL photo

Nawaz also presented John Stanley, head coach at Stanley Boxing with his third degree black belt, alongside Jacqueline Walters, chief official with WAKO and judge and referee for the night.

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  1. bye the way Yellowknife puts on some of the best shows for being a small town some of the best shows in Canada for fighting a town of 20’00 thousand This is adam roka spencer HintinHuckell Hollohan speaking R.I.P Todd vatcher..