The Union of Northern Workers says it has resolved some issues with Dominion Diamond Mines and worker grievances with the closure of Ekati Mine.

Last week, the union stated it was intending to file a grievance with the employer over the recent suspension of mining operations.

The UNW posted another notice on March 31 stating that it has seen three of four of its concerns resolved with the mine.

Among them include the issue of 3X3 rotation — meaning shifts will be increased to three weeks on/three weeks off — for which the union has signed an new overtime averaging permit with the employer.

The Union of Norther Workers issued the following notice to all unionized workers with Dominion Diamond Mines’ Ekati Mine.
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“A new overtime averaging permit was signed by the parties this week enabling a move to a 3X3 rotation from April 14 to July 28 in an effort to support the employees’ and the public’s health and safety by minimizing travel of employees to and from the mine site,” reads the notice.

Dominion has also agreed to assess the use of personal leave “on a case by case basis” and the UNW agrees that this adheres to the the workers collective agreement.

All diamond union workers will be contacted this week before Friday to offer a one-time choice to opt out of a vacation leave.

The only remaining issue is that which has to do with layoff and severance with Ekati workers.

“The UNW will use the grievance process in the collective agreement and will advance the matter quickly as a priority for the members,” reads the notice.

NNSL Media sent a request to both UNW president Todd Parsons and a communications representative with Dominion Diamond Mines on Tuesday.

We will update readers as soon as we get new information.

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