UNW holds firm on three per cent wage increase

by Sidney Cohen - February 20, 2018

Job action – including a strike – will be on the table when unionized government workers hold meetings in Yellowknife next week. The Union of Northern Workers (UNW), which represents GNWT employees, is not backing down from its demandat  for a three per cent wage increase on April 1. “We still are going to remain…

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One response to “UNW holds firm on three per cent wage increase”

  1. “The government is pitching a four-year collective agreement with no wage increases until the final year, said Parsons, which is when they propose a raise of 0.01 per cent.”

    This is not an accurate statement. The GNWT current proposals has the following salary increases (not including step increases):

    2016-17 – 0%
    2017-18 – 0%
    2018-19 – 1%
    2019-20 – 1.1%

    I think what Todd was trying to say is the GNWT changed their original proposal from 1% in 2019-20, to 1.1%. So the incremental increase between proposals would be 0.1%, not 0.01%.

    The UNW has not moved on their position of:

    2016-17 – 3%
    2017-18 – 3%
    2018-19 – 3%