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UNW serves strike notice for NTPC

In a news release issued Wednesday afternoon, the UNW confirms it has issued a strike notice for workers of the NTPC for 12:01 on Monday Feb. 11.

“As we have said all along, we will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to avoid a strike. We even offered to sacrifice our right to strike, if the NTPC and the government agreed to Binding Arbitration. This offer still stands,” Todd Parsons, UNW president said in the release.

“Unfortunately, for four years our efforts to find a compromise have sadly been met with stubbornness and heel-dragging by the NTPC and the government.”

This strike notice means that NTPC workers could strike before their planned mediation on Feb. 12 and 13.

Kim Bailey, communications officer and director of finance and administration at the UNW, could not comment on the decision because they will "not be publicly discussing strategy."

NWTPC communications officer Doug Predergast says the NTPC will attend upcoming mediation even if there is strike action.

"We absolutely have every intention of attending mediation. We have commited to it and expect it to continue whether there is a strike or not," Prendergast said.

Since Monday, The UNW has issued strike notice for over 4,000 public sector workers, including the GNWT and now the NTPC.