Staff and students returned to the Mildred Hall School on Monday morning to find three windows in their only bus smashed and its body dented.

The vandalism will put the vehicle out of commission for a few weeks, along with school trips.

The incident took place over the weekend. It isn’t known who’s responsible.

Three windows on Mildred Hall School’s only bus were smashed during the weekend.
image courtesy of Mildred Hall School

“We have a security camera that is pointed towards the direction of the bus, but it was too far away to tell who did it,” said principal Elizabeth Brace.

“Rocks were found inside and around the bus. There are also chips and dents around the windows and damage to part of the body.”

Mildred Hall’s bus is used for school outings and not for transporting students to classes.


But with the bus now sent to the auto shop for repairs, it means kids won’t be able to take outings until the vehicle is fixed.

“We don’t have any big trips planned but the teachers will have to adapt their plans by walking or just cancelling them until the bus is available,” Brace said. “It’s really disappointing. We have a nice new shiny school bus and the kids are really excited about it and we have three staff who can drive it. The kids were excited about going out on the land.”

Brace said the last time the bus had to be sent off for repairs it was away for three weeks. She didn’t know the estimated cost of the damage.

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