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Downtown assault sent man to hospital with serious injuries

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A serious assault, committed near the front steps of the Sobering Centre/Day Shelter on Tuesday evening, was captured by Northern News Services' security surveillance system.

The assault sent a man to hospital Tuesday, where he remains in critical condition, according to a news release issued by Yellowknife RCMP Wednesday.

Police say a suspect, who they have not yet named, is in custody and that he committed an "aggravated assault."

It's unclear at this time whether or not RCMP have charged the suspect, but it's clear police believe he committed a serious aggravated assault.

Because Northern News Services has already provided the footage to RCMP, and due to the fact that police are seeking witnesses who may have witnessed the assault, Yellowknifer has decided to release a portion of the video showing the assault in question.

Violence and public disturbances in the area has been a major sticking point between local businesses and operators of the Sobering Centre/Day Shelter.

Fed up with violent incidents in the area, April Desjarlais, who owns the building next to the sobering centre and day shelter, began uploading assaults caught on security camera to a Facebook page.

More to come.