Aislinn Stirling and Jordan Crosby were married July 13, 2019 in Somba K’e Civic Plaza. Mark Crosby, an ordained minister and father of the bride, officiated.

Aislinn Stirling and Jordan Crosby were married July 13, 2019 in Somba K’e Civic Plaza. photo courtesy of Angela Gzowski

Stirling knew Crosby was the one for her because their relationship flowed. Things were fairly easy. They understood each other’s viewpoints and perceptions. They felt at home and were totally comfortable being around each other.

“I felt like we had a really deep connection and I wanted to keep that, so I pursued him,” said Stirling.

The fact that she and her spouse shared the same workplace didn’t faze her at all, she said.

The bride is the daughter of Sandra and Bill Stirling, owners of Overlander Sports. The groom had been working at the popular sporting goods store since moving to Yellowknife in 2012.

“My brother was living here,” said Crosby. “Honestly he just bought me a ticket, so I just said ‘yeah I’ll come up for a bit’ and I thought that Yellowknife was a really cool place. I liked the people and my surroundings. I liked the atmosphere and what I was doing, so I decided I wanted to stay.”

Ms. Stirling made frequent visits to Overlander where the two struck up a friendship. A few years ago, Stirling began working at the family business and that’s when their friendship blossomed into romance.

“What I initially started to love about Aislinn is that she’s very smart and very easy to talk to,” said Crosby. “Even before we started dating

I would talk to her about the things going on in my life, which I think brought us closer.

“I always felt really comfortable talking to her about things, exposing myself whether that was emotionally or otherwise. I mean, of course, she’s definitely lovely on the eyes as well but more than anything, it was just the comfort I felt with her.”

When husband and wife work next to each other, can they truly keep their home life outside the office? Stirling says it’s working out so far.

“We work together every single day but we met working together so we’re used to it,” she said. “It wasn’t a new thing for our relationship.”

They have their different “realms” in the store so they’re not together side by side all day every day.

They share an office, “but my parents have shared an office for about 30 years so I think we can do it too,” she said.

Getting married has not affected their day to day lives, she said, as they were already living together, “but I think knowing we have that sacred bond and that commitment to one another, that feels really nice and it’s also a responsibility,” she said. “Something I think we both work to maintain to ensure that we’re going to have a long happy marriage.”

About 150 people attended their wedding. Crosby invited his entire family from Ontario, though not all of them could make the trip north.

It had been a rainy summer so choosing to hold the ceremony outside was a risky move. In case of rain they planned to move the wedding ceremony into the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, but the couple lucked out because July 13 turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year, said Crosby.

“Yellowknife is a really cool place to get married,” he said. “Especially in the summertime. There’s just something about that late-night sun that adds to the party, that makes you want to keep going.”

A number of random people in the park were treated to their nuptials but everyone who was watching from the sidelines was very respectful, he said.

Their reception was held at the Joint Task Force North building and they danced their first song as husband and wife to “I Want to Love You” by the German-born singer Lenachka.

A number of talented people helped make their wedding day a joyous one.

Local photographer Angela Gzowski took the photos. They hired Elora Braden – a videographer who is originally from Yellowknife but who now resides in Golden, B.C. – to film their wedding. Let Me Knot provided the flowers, Etandah Organic Day Spa did the bride’s makeup and their wedding cake was baked by the Fat Fox catering company.

“And that was a hit, everybody loved that,” said Stirling.

There were definitely some glitches. The limo sent to transport Stirling to Somba K’e Civic Plaza forgot to pick her up, “so I was late for my own wedding,” she said.

“I wasn’t concerned,” said Crosby.

“He knew I was coming,” Stirling added.

If Stirling could give one piece of advice to any couple planning their wedding, it would be to take these tiny setbacks in stride.

“You can plan all the little details and you want this perfect day but just because things don’t turn out perfectly or there are things that might go wrong doesn’t mean that your wedding still wasn’t wonderful,” she said. “And at the end of the day you’re married, that’s what matters.”

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