Clarissa and Edwin Gordon
Clarissa Wedzin married Edwin Gordon Jan. 25, 2020 in Aklavik, NT. “We wore the traditional Inuvialuit parki covers, and had a small, intimate wedding ceremony at our church. The day of our wedding, there were blizzard warnings and the ice road was closed and the taxis were off the roads due to all the snow from the blizzard. We were worried our pastor wouldn’t make it to marry us but he made it to town to do our wedding and everything went so perfectly, beyond any expectations we had.”
Justin and Kimberly Roberts
“We got married in the Garden of Hope behind city hall on July 21, 2011. We eloped a year before our actual date, and the garden was a beautiful location. Nine years and two amazing kids later and I love her more every day. Kimberly is an incredible woman.”
Maxine and Daniel Drybones
“Our wedding took place in Behchoko at the culture centre August 14, 2019. But unfortunately they took the culture centre down, we were lucky we had our wedding there before it.”
Candice and Bobby Ruben
Candice and Bobby Ruben Jr. were married October 7, 2017 in Paulatuk, NT.
Sacha and Damian Cunningham
“We met in 2011, in Yellowknife. But we were married in Newfoundland Sept. 3, 2016. This classic car was the best surprise for my husband. They picked us up from the church and he had no idea! The first picture is his expression when he saw the car.”
Artur and Olga Zhurausky
“Looking at our wedding pictures also reminds me how much fun we had preparing for the ceremony and reception. People flew from all over Canada days ahead of time. We decorated our home, built a birch arch, cooked an extraordinary amount of food, all while laughing with those closest to us. We were lucky to have Geoff Litrato as photographer for our wedding. He captured so many beautiful moments and have now given us the opportunity to revisit them whenever we want.”
Norman and Rosa Lafferty
Sweethearts forever married August 31, 1954.
Brittany and Scott Hendrickson “My wife was six-and-a-half months pregnant and never looked more beautiful,” Scott Hendrickson said. “She flew all the way to Mexico. We never practiced our formal dances. My feet hurt from dancing away, so I walked to the disco club after the reception in my sock feet which were pink. Our wedding day was November 25, 2019 in Cacun Rivera.”






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