Fed up and concerned family members are speaking out after they say their sister was “brutally” stabbed by her estranged partner, who they say has been ordered not to contact her, on New Year’s Eve.

Paramedics and a host of RCMP vehicles, officers and police dogs descended on a Williams Avenue home just before 8:30 p.m. on Monday evening. Children were seen leaving the residence before a person was lifted into an ambulance on a stretcher.

The person on the stretcher, according to two family members who spoke to Yellowknifer just hours after the incident, is a mother of three young children, two of which, they say, were inside the home when alleged attack took place.

Brendan Burke/NNSL photo Family members say a man estranged to their sister brutally stabbed her in her Williams Avenue home New Year’s Eve. The woman is now in stable condition, relatives say.

The woman’s brother, who Yellowknifer is choosing not to name, said his sister was holding her two-year-old baby when her former partner broke into her house and lunged at her with a knife.

He said his teenage niece intervened and took a hold of the child before his sister was stabbed in her chest multiple times by the man. He said she may have also been struck in the head. The man said the girl was able to call police.

He says the victim is now in stable condition.

The account, and the allegations made, have not yet been collaborated by law enforcement.

The man told Yellowknifer his sister’s attacker fled the scene following the attack. Early Tuesday afternoon, he said RCMP informed him the man had been apprehended.

Yellowknifer has been unable to reach Yellowknife RCMP regarding the incident. It’s unclear at this time whether the man faces charges.

The woman’s brother said his sister has been the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of the suspect before, and that he’d been ordered not to contact her.

“It’s escalated to the point where he brutally attacked my sister tonight,” he said.

He said the the alleged assailant is a “danger to the community.”

“I don’t think it’s appropriate people are being quiet,” he added. “(The alleged attacker) is a violent criminal.”

“He’s a walking hazard.”

He said he believed the man intended to kill his sister Monday evening.

The victim’s sister, a woman in her 30s who spoke with Yellowknifer as she waited at Stanton Territorial Hospital Monday night, said her sister was being treated for “multiple stab” wounds.

RCMP officers, she added, are speaking with her sister.

The woman also said her sister had a protection order against the alleged attacker but that “they kept letting him out” of jail.

The woman called her sister a “fighter.”

Yellowknifer has been unable to reach Yellowknife RCMP regarding the incident and the whereabouts of the alleged attacker.

More to come.

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