The Workers Safety and Compensation Commission (WSCC) is seeking public feedback on proposed changes to their workplace injury and illness policy. 

The WSCC compensates claimants who have undergone “permanent medical impairment” or PMI on the job. 

As it stands, the compensation takes the form of a pension based on the employee’s earnings at the time of injury and the severity of their PMI, defined as the lasting loss of function even after a full recovery.

WSCC is now proposing a dual system that compensates for non-economic loss, and provides long-term loss benefits based on the difference between the employee’s earnings before and after their injury “based on individual circumstances over time.”

The public is invited to share their views on the possible changes in an an online survey, as well as through a series of online town hall meetings WSCC will be hosting in September.

“We want to ensure that any changes continue to meet the needs of all Northern workers and employers, now, and into the future,” Debbie Molloy, WSCC president and CEO, said in a news release.

To learn more about the details of the new pension proposal, visit WSCC’s website or read their summary of the current system compared to the new one by clicking here

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