Yellowknife loses long-time restaurant

by - November 28, 2017

  A long-time downtown eatery has closed to the public. L’atitudes restaurant in the Centre Square Mall closed its doors on Nov. 21. A spokesperson for the Quality Inn, the hotel in the mall that owns the restaurant, said the establishment will remain open to some hotel guests, including Asian tour groups, for continental breakfasts…

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One response to “Yellowknife loses long-time restaurant”

  1. It’s a lot worse than what Mr. Hayward is making it out to be. The mall used to be a place to bring your family on Saturdays…now it’s an empty husk where it used to be lively and inviting.

    As a microcosm as to what goes on down there on a regular basis, just go hang around A&W for a few hours and extrapolate what you see to include the entire mall.