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Yellowknife presumptive Covid cases still pending, says public health

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The infected individual is a worker from outside the NWT and the person is self-isolating, said chief public health officer Dr. Kami Kandola. Wikimedia commons photo

Yellowknife’s two presumptive Covid cases are still pending as public health awaits confirmation from its partner lab in Alberta. 

In a public health advisory released Tuesday, Mike Westwick, spokesperson for the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer, said that public health is responding to the presumptive cases as if they are confirmed positives.  

“The contact investigation is ongoing,” he said. “Public health will update with more details when they are available.”

The two individuals initially tested positive for Covid-19 Thursday after one individual travelled outside the territory and the second lived in the same residence. 

A third positive test was received in Inuvik. That case has been confirmed and the individual “is recovering safely at-home,” the advisory said. 

“The contact investigation was completed over the weekend. There is no risk identified for any communities along the route, and no further risk identified for the community of Inuvik.”