Yellowknife RCMP are investigating a mailbox break-in in downtown Yellowknife after a resident posted photos of open mail boxes and torn packages.

In a Facebook post Wednesday morning, Sophie Moss Hatto reported several damaged mailboxes and “stolen opened mail.”

After a Yellowknife mailbox break-in, RCMP remind residents that theft of mail is a criminal offence. Photo courtesy of Sophie Moss Hatto.

To break into a community mailbox and steal holiday gifts is like a real life Grinch story, Hatto said. “Though I don’t know that their heart will grow three sizes in the end.”

RCMP have advised that there are no suspects at this time, but remind citizens that theft of mail is a criminal offence, punishable by law.

Sgt. Yannick Hamel, manager of the Yellowknife RCMP detachment, said in a statement, “at this time of year, thefts of opportunity are tempting.”

He suggested residents can “try to lessen the opportunities” by regularly checking mail or arranging for packages to be dropped off at your home or office address where you can receive them directly. 

Hatto has contacted those whose packages were opened. She said it has been “heart-wrenching” to hear what was taken. Though some of the purchased goods might be able to be recovered through insurance, much of what has been lost are knits and other handcrafted items that can’t be replaced.

Hatto said she posted the incident to Facebook “for people to be aware.”

Sophie Moss Hatto has contacted the would-be recipients of the stolen goods she saw Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Sophie Moss Hatto.

“If you don’t have the chance to check your mailbox during the day then check it at night,” she suggested. She said she has heard that the mailbox break-in in her neighbourhood was not the only one in town.

While she is doubtful the criminal will be caught, Hatto hopes, that the thief or thieves now know the community is alert to their crimes. 

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