Yellowknife has been hit with a record snowfall.

A unusual wallop dumped 24.2 centimetres of fluffy white stuff on the city, piling powder on cars and sidewalks in a large deposit that far exceeded seasonal norms.

According to Environment Canada, Yellowknife’s uncharacteristic flash of flurries put the 20 plus centimetre fall at the top of snow heap when it comes to record winter whacks. Of the snowiest entries recorded since 1942, Tuesday’s blitz now ranks at the top spot, smashing a previously held record of 11.2 centimetres set in 2006.

The snowfall dwarfed last year’s same day accumulation when only three centimetres fell over the city.


Gov. Gen. Julie Payette, right, arrives in Yellowknife amid record flurries Tuesday. Kirsten Fenn/NNSL photo.

Brendan Burke

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