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Yellowknifer wins $500,000 in Lotto Max

Matija Stuhec

Matija (Mike) Stuhec is experiencing an incredible amount of joy this week after finding out he is the winner of $500,000 from a July 31 Lotto Max draw ticket.

Matija (Mike) Stuhec is the recent winner of $500,000 after receiving a winning Lotto Max ticket from his father in Edmonton.
photo courtesy of Western Canada Lottery Corporation

According a news release issued by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation on Monday, Stuhec received the winning ticket from his father in Edmonton who had purchased it at a 7-Eleven.

"My dad mailed it to me as a gift," Stuhec stated in the release.

He stated that he didn't immediately checked the numbers, but when he did, he found that he was to take home half a million dollars.

When asked how he felt about winning, Stuhec said he was very happy.

"I mean ... joy," he stated in the release. "It's fantastic, absolutely wonderful."

"It will help a lot."

Stuhec said he will share the money with his family and use it to pay down debt.