Anneluzelia, Melissa, Noel, Aaron “Godson” and Jessy-Anne watch Monday’s episode of Family Feud Canada at the Top Knight with friends and family. Nick Pearce/NNSL photo

Yellowknife’s Hernandez Family won $10,000 on Family Feud Canada Monday evening.

Watching themselves on television with packed room of supporters in the Top Knight, Aaron “Godson” Hernandez and his family — Anneluzelia, Melissa, Noel, and Jessy-Anne — enjoyed every moment.

“The experience in Toronto was amazing,” Godson said. “To share it with your family, to be part of a game show that you absolutely love, it’s unbelievable.”

Being on set with show host Gerry Dee was a highlight, he added. For Godson, watching at home is one thing, but participating is “surreal.”

Speaking during a commercial break, the family embraced the cheers and support from the community that streamed into the Top Knight watch the Hernandez family compete.

“The energy in here is amazing,” Godson said. “Everyone’s cheering on. Even we’re cheering on — we already know what happened.”

The family had to sign a contract to keep the results under wraps, but were pleased to have the support of the community as they enjoyed the evening.

“We are so proud to represent Yellowknife and do (it) proud,” Anneluzelia said.

Nick Pearce

Nick Pearce is a writer and reporter in Yellowknife, looking for unique stories on the environment and people that make up the North. He's a graduate of Queen's University, where he studied Global Development...

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