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Yk animal shelter bursting at seams

The NWT SPCA could use your support. The shelter is busting at the seams and has temporarily held intakes for animals at the shelter.

Dana Martin, NWT SPCA vice president, said with the onset of winter there is an influx of animals into the shelter.

“This would be a critical time of year to come out and walk dogs, consider fostering and helping out in whatever way you can,” Martin said yesterday.

Moreover, if anyone is flying south to Canadian communities, they would be performing a great service if they would escort adopted shelter animals to their new homes in the south.

Intake at the SPCA here will start again once the shelter has adopted out some animals or cats or dogs get transferred back into their homes.

If you can help, the SPCA could use your support through donations, by purchasing a 2018 NWT SPCA pet calendar or Winter Raffle ticket available at Sutherlands Drugs, Crooked Whisker and Borealis Kennels and Pets Specialties.