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Yk council set to approve heritage funding

The Governance and Priorities Committee (GPC) recommended city council approve a proposed funding criteria for heritage funding and a revised funding application form.

Once officially approved the revised model will allow for the City of Yellowknife Heritage Committee to approve funding of up to $3,000 without council approval to approved heritage projects. The committee will review applications and approve funding twice a year, to allow for projects that take place later in the year more time to complete their applications.

GPC, which is made up of all the council members and mayor, moved to bring the recommendations to council with little debate. Coun. Niels Konge brought forward a concern of having multiple applications for just below the $3,000 threshold coming forward at once. Coun. Julian Morse, chair of the heritage committee, said that has not been an issue so far and that the committee has stayed within budget.

“The committee is required to stick within their budget anything over and above would have to come to council for approval,” said Morse.

Applications for funding have to be submitted before April 1 and Oct. 1 to be reviewed by the committee.

The heritage committee next meets this Thursday at noon.