St. Patrick and Sir John Franklin high schools in Yellowknife plan to hold their graduation ceremonies during the last week of June.

“We will be moving forward with the ceremonies on June 24 and 25, assuming we’re in phase two (of the Covid-19 recovery plan),” said St. Patrick principal Todd Stewart. “That will allow us to have groups of up to 50 people (outside).”

The event will be held at Somba K’e Civic Plaza, with five ceremonies scheduled on the first day and six on the second. That format will permit about nine graduates and their families and some school staff to join each ceremony comprising about 50 people.

In case it rains, the school plans to hold the ceremonies at the plaza under the cover of canopies and tarps.

“We’re ecstatic that we’ll be able to do something for our students. It would be really nice to be able to bring all of our graduates together at the same time (but we can’t) and it’s a hard pill to swallow,” Stewart said.

Sir John Franklin is aiming to hold its ceremony on June 26 but it’s still waiting for GNWT approval of its plans based on Covid-19 safety measures.

“They’ll tell us how we should divide up the ceremonies, or even if we can have guests — it might just be the students. Outside would be nice, like at Somba K’e Civic Plaza. We’re going to live stream it. If it’s inside the Fieldhouse or the Multiplex (that) would be good too because it has a lot of space. We want to follow the guidelines and make it a good experience for all of the kids,” said principal Dean MacInnis.

Yellowknife Catholic Schools and Yellowknife Education District No. 1 will send out their last digital and paper learning packages to students on June 12. Blair McBride/NNSL photo

An answer is expected to Sir John’s proposal next week.

Final learning packages

Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (Yk1) and Yellowknife Catholic Schools (YCS) will send out their last digital and paper learning packages for the school year on June 12, said the superintendents Metro Huculak and Simone Gessler.

Packages must be sent back by June 19 for reporting purposes.

For Allain St. Cyr School of Commission scolaire francophone Territoires du Nord-Ouest (CSFTNO), packages are due back on June 12, said superintendent Yvonne Careen.

All schools in the NWT have been conducting their programming through distance learning since April after they decided to close their doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Report cards

Report cards for Yk1 students will be mailed by school staff by June 24, the last day of school for junior kindergarten to Grade 8 schools and by June 26 for Sir John Franklin High School.

YCS’ last day of classes at its schools is June 24 and report cards will go out on June 25.

At Allain St. Cyr School, the last day of school for staff is June 30 and report cards will be sent out the same day.

The June report card processes have been jointly developed between Yk1, YCS, Ndilo District Education Authority and Dettah District Education Authority.

Jk-8 students will receive a written descriptions of their progress along with the learning opportunities and experiences that were offered to the students, but no numerical or letter grades will be given.

Students in grades 9 to 12 will receive a final percentage grade for each course completed. The grade will reflect course work done before the pandemic-related cancellation of in-school classes and work done through distance learning. Students who aren’t successful in completing high school courses will be given options to re-enroll in the same courses, complete extra assignments in a certain timeframe, write a mid-term or mini-exam to get credit to pass the course, or take night or day school classes at the Route 51 Learning Institute.

Student registrations

Yk1 is currently accepting 2020-2021 registrations for J.H. Sissons, N.J. Macpherson, Mildred Hall, Range Lake North, William McDonald and Sir John Franklin High School.

Registrations can be submitted electronically to school principals or the District Office at, or can be submitted in person at YK1’s District Office (5402 50 Avenue) between 9 a.m. and noon on weekdays, excluding holidays.


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