First Air, Canadian North to merge airlines

July 6, 2018

Longtime competitors First Air and Canadian North announced Friday that they’re joining forces to form a single airline.

The airline will function under the name Canadian North and will feature First Air’s marketing brand, including its recently adopted inukshuk logo. Read More

Pondering passenger rights in the North

July 6, 2018

Northern Canada has different needs than southern Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) was told in Yellowknife during consultations last week on new air passenger rights. Read More

Field of dreams in Hay River

July 4, 2018

The Boden family has 48 acres and plan.

On their property just outside of Hay River, Anne Boden and her husband Peter want to start the largest commercial produce farm in the Northwest Territories. Read More

New owner for Cellar

May 22, 2018

Yellowknife’s music scene came together Friday night at The Cellar Bar and Grill to wish long-time owner Dale Bardeau one last farewell. Read More

Fat Fox shuts its doors, for now

May 22, 2018

It was a bittersweet atmosphere inside one of Yellowknife’s beloved coffee shops Saturday as the Fat Fox closed the doors on their 50 Street location last Saturday. Read More

Health and Social Service fees take a hike

May 3, 2018

Medical professionals are expected to see an increase in registration fees starting May, 15.

The changes are being made by the Department of Health and Social Services, which renews fees every five years to coincide with the consumer price index, stated a news release.

Read More

Liquor stores can opt out of pot

April 28, 2018

Private liquor stores will have extensive signage warning of the dangers of smoking marijuana – that’s if they choose to sell weed once it’s legalized. Read More

Legal weed and the workplace

April 22, 2018

Once cannabis is legal, it will likely be treated much like alcohol in the workplace – but as Canada is one of the first countries to legalize it, employers don’t have many precedents to work off. Read More