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Deputy premier Diane Archie in isolation after Covid flight

Deputy premier Diane Archie is in self-isolation, after being on the flight linked to a Covid-19 case in Inuvik.

A statement released on April 27 shortly after 5 p.m explains the situation.

Deputy premier Diane Archie is in isolation after being on a flight from Edmonton to Inuvik now linked to a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the Beaufort Delta. She has taken one test which turned up negative.
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“Whenever there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Northwest Territories (NWT) or a public health risk, a Public Health Advisory (PHA) is issued from the OCPHO to inform residents,” said Archie.

“Yesterday, one of these PHA’s was issued that confirmed a new case of COVID-19 in Inuvik related to out-of-territory travel. It also identified potential public explore during a flight to Inuvik.

“Unfortunately I was on that flight and was seated in one of the affected rows, meaning I was potentially exposed to COVID-19. As soon as I was aware of this I started self-isolating.”

Archie said she has already received one test which turned out negative. She will receive a second test on Thursday to confirm the results.

“I have also been told that there is no chance of transmission to anyone I may have been in contact with since returning to Inuvik, this past weekend,” she wrote.

An updated chart detailing flights that have been linked to a confirmed Covid-19 case in Inuvik. If you were on any of these flights, contact Public Health immediately. Photo courtesy Office of the Chief Public Health Officer.

Row 13 added to list of exposed seats

Archie’s announcement comes as the office of the Chief Public Health Officer released an update on a Covid-19 exposure on a flight from Edmonton to Inuvik.

Row 13 on the flight from Edmonton to Yellowknife is now on the list of seats in the advisory.

“The OCPHO has received new information that a plane change occurred at Edmonton International Airport, to potentially promote more spacing between travellers,” wrote Dr. Kami Kandola in an April 27 press release. “The OCPHO is requesting anyone seated in the affected rows at any time during these flights to contact public health.”

This brings the total number of rows affected to 12. Seven exposed on flight number 5T 244 from Edmonton to Yellowknife. Five more rows on the same flight to Norman Wells and on to Inuvik are also under advisory.

There is no word on if the case is a variant of concern or not.

More vaccinations needed

Anyone who wants a Covid-19 test can phone either (867) 490 – 2225 or (867) 777-7246.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Kami Kandola added in the original release that anyone who lives with someone in isolation has to self-isolate themselves.

Anyone entering the territory has to isolate for 14 days. However, the GNWT recently relaxed the rules slightly. Fully vaccinated people can take the Covid-19 test after seven days. If they come up Covid-19-free, they simply have to monitor and wear a mask during the remaining week.

Archie added she has confidence the procedures laid out by Dr. Kandola are working. She encouraged people to get their vaccination as soon as possible.

“I also take comfort in the fact that though we still have a ways to go in getting our NWT population vaccinated, that there are over 20,000 people across the NWT who have already received both doses and are fully immunized,” she wrote.

Book your Moderna vaccine by calling (867) 777-7246 or on the GWNT website.

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