Ancient primate relatives found on Ellesmere Island

A missing paragraph in the story of life has been filled by fossils discovered in the Canadian Arctic. Remains of a lemur-like primate ancestor dubbed Ignacius dawsonae dating back 52 million years were unearthed on Ellesmere Island and described in a study published Jan. 25 by Kristen Miller et al of the University of Kansas.

The Arctic monkeys lived in a time following runaway global warming fueled by a massive Carbon Dioxide spike called the Paleocene–Eocene thermal maximum. At this time Arctic temperatures were warm enough for crocodiles to live in the Arctic circle.

Town seeks volunteers for naming committee

Anyone interested in overseeing how streets, monuments and other locations are named in Inuvik is invited to sign up for the town’s naming committee. Volunteers will review submissions and applications for renaming or naming specific areas and they will collect feedback from the public. A total of six members are needed for the committee.

To sign up, visit or send a letter of interest to the town by email, by post, fax or drop-off at the town office by 3 p.m. Feb. 16.

Volunteers needed for Parks, Rec and Library advisory board

Interested in how the town uses its facilities for recreation? Have thoughts on the trails and parks around town? Want to have a say in the library?

The town of Inuvik is seeking volunteers to sit on its Parks, Recreation and Library advisory board. The board meets monthly and advises the town on priorities and programs related to the Midnight Sun Complex, community events, parks, playgrounds, recreation rrograms and the Centennial Library.

Visit to sign up or apply by email, fax or regular mail by 3 p.m. Feb. 16.

Lottery committee needs members too

Those eager to advise the town on all things bingo and gambling related are also being asked to step forward. The Inuvik Lottery committee meets twice a year to review incoming applications from organizations for bingo dates, to rate each submission based on an established rating system and then assign bingo dates to groups based on these evaluations. It also advises the town on the licensing and regulation of lotteries in Inuvik. Volunteers sit for a two-year term which begins March 1.

Apply online at or by email, fax or regular mail by 3 p.m. Feb. 16.

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