NTWAC honours Alfred Moses

The Northwest Territories Association of Communities recently announced a posthumous award to Alfred Moses for his service as a town councillor, MLA and minister.

Presenting the award to Moses’s parents, Martha and Winston, on the NWTAC’s behalf, Town of Inuvik deputy mayor Natasha Kulikowski thanked Moses for his contributions to the North.

“Mr. Moses was not just about his community or his riding — he wanted the best for every community in the NWT and he showed that with the passion did in his job,” Kulikowski said during the NWTAC’s annual general meeting banquet in Yellowknife on Sept. 17. “I am honoured that I get to give you this award on behalf of the association. Alfred was a huge part of governance at all levels in our territory and he is already missed.”

RCMP cracking down on impaired driving

More police officers are trained on roadside screening and breath analysis devices, says the new RCMP chief.

Sgt. Aaron Semmler detailed the RCMP’s efforts to curb drinking and driving in his Oct. 12 report to Inuvik Town Council.

RCMP say they were called out to nine complaints of impaired driving in September and charged one individual.

A man was killed in a single vehicle collision on Oct. 8 and alcohol is believed to be involved in that incident.

Municipal enforcement overwhelmed by dog calls

Town of Inuvik Municipal Enforcement officers are spending most of their time dealing with injured and neglected dogs, according to their Oct. 12 report to Inuvik Town Council.

The report notes most animal adoption centres farther south, where rescued dogs in Inuvik usually end up, have been at capacity since the beginning of the summer and the Inuvik Dog Pound is likewise at capacity.

Unable to accept surrendered dogs until the town finds homes for the abandoned pets they’re currently keeping, the report states that municipal enforcement is working to ensure dog owners have adequate shelter for their animals over the winter.

Arctic Sports classes highkicking off next week

High kickers, knuckle hoppers and head pull athletes take note — classes in traditional Inuvialuit Games will be offered beginning on Oct. 25 at the Inuvik Community Corporation building.

Classes run Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

All ages are welcome and athletes are asked to sign up upon arrival.

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