Miles Dillon dribbles around AJ Abba during a game at the annual East Three School “3-on-3” basketball tournament Jan. 18. Teams battled to get a shot at a single basket in split gym court.

East Three School hosted its traditional 3-on-3 basketball tournament Jan.  17-18, bringing out players of all ages for the fundraising classic. Two courts were established for training purposes while the other two became battlegrounds as teams of teens, youth, adults, boys and girls all competed for glory. Each team kicked in $10 to help the East Three U15 boys finance trips to several tournaments throughout the year.

Donald Abba races forward with Zaiden Marina in hot pursuit during a fun game in the far courts. Two courts were set aside for competitive games while the second gym was set up for players to hone their skills.
Hamza Mourtada pivots while Jared Day keeps up during a game on Jan. 18 of the tournament. While originally tiered into adults and teens, the tournament merged in the second day to make up for openings.
Justin Stewart finishes a layup during a game on Jan. 18 of the East Three 3-on-3 basketball tournament as Edward Wolki-Jacobson flies behind him.
Sasha Olesky tries to navigate around a tight guard by Cameron Wolki-Jacobson and Tyson Mistaken Chief during a game. In total, 13 men’s teams were formed for the two day tournament.
Paul Voudrach tries to keep the ball away from Cameron Wolki-Jacobson as Tyson Mistaken Chief moves in during East Three School’s traditional 3-on-3 basketballl tournament Jan. 18. In total, 15 teams assembled for the fundraiser to help the U15 boys team compete in tournaments later in teh season.

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