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Encouraging success in education


When we look at our workplace environment, we see that we are in high-tech mode and the learning process or education is key to entry and success in the workplace. This involves participation of children, parents and the educational institution.

For many months, if not years, we have been struggling to ensure affordable housing is available to a fast growing population in Nunavut. As we discuss this volatile issue, we have learned that housing is not just a structure but is connected to everything about us. This is home, a safe place, our own space with a welcoming atmosphere. This is where we learn to share and to care about those around us. This is a good thought and we must continue to aspire to that place where all this is true and is happening.

Education is similar; we gather in large places where rooms have been identified for various types of instruction with a gymnasium to encourage physical fitness, cooperation and teamwork. Our instructors or teachers have gone through much training in equipping them with knowledge and skills in the delivery of information for the students to apply in their varied skill development and choice.

This also needs to have the encouragement of mom and dad and a proper home setting so that home work can be done in peace and quiet. Many years ago when I taught and tutored, I made some home visits and was able to engage the parents in some visits to the classroom and to see what their children were being taught. This was one way of letting the children know that we cared about their learning and this helped them to try harder.

As we go from grade school to high school, we see that there are many choices in possible employment. Any field you choose needs skills, awareness, understanding, sciences, math, English and so on. There is that place of social structures as well and we have to know and realize that there are people in positions of authority and we should listen to them and follow their instructions.

As we draw closer to graduating from Grade 12, we should be looking and planning ahead for college and maybe university to give us the necessary added skills in our choice of work. We can learn about human behaviour, societal values, IQ principles, governmental structures and the list is interesting and enormous.

As we begin to plan for life ahead, it is always good to know that parents, teachers, peers and we ourselves go with confidence and assurance that we are moving forward.