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IN MY VIEW: Changing of the season


As the season is changing so quickly, we begin to think and plan for this happy time. We are now waking up to sunlight and soon we’ll be going to bed in the sunlight as well. There is renewed energy and expectancy in the air.

We learn so much from our observance of the environment and the behaviour of the animals, and we have also learned to apply this to our daily routines. As the weather changes, so do our thoughts and attitudes.

It is well known that actions speak louder than words and we have to be conscious of this as our children come of age. Whatever we do or say, they copy or mimic. When we are considerate and speak kind, gentle words, they want to be engaged and they try to be considerate and kind and speak gentle words.

We’ve heard many times that our actions and reactions and engagements are relative to everything about our existence. Our work affects our health; our habits, such as smoking and the use of substance and cannabis, affect our health and well-being. Over a prolonged period of regular use, we soon find that we cannot go without it. This changes your mind, muscles, stomach, pancreas, liver, kidneys, and lungs and certainly affects your will to stay on the job and so on.

Through all of these activities we are being watched by the little ones and they say, “If mom and dad can do this stuff, so can I”. One of two things happens as a child is growing and observing what is going on with mom and dad and the rest of the group. Either they will indulge as they saw this type of behaviour growing up or they will determine that they will never indulge in drugs and alcohol because of the damage to the family unit and the relationship between mom and dad.

So as the season changes, why not consider doing some personal changes, such as a reality check, to see what your attitude is towards substance and the use of substance, whether cannabis or alcohol. And remember we are being watched by tender, innocent eyes and listened to by tender, innocent ears.