From: France Benoit, Yk Car Share Co-operative

Dear editor,

Mike Bryant’s Jan. 11 ‘From the Publisher’ column was a welcome change of pace highlighting the need to have tough conversations about our shared transportation system and infrastructure to respond to the need to reduce our reliance on personal vehicles that utilize Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) technology as we tackle climate change.

These are the conversations so many families across Canada, and in particular in the North, are starting to have. It’s great to see Mr. Bryant put these questions out there to remind all of us that there is still a of work that needs to be done, but that with a little research and visibility on the issues, we can get there.

It was also great to see Mr. Bryant specifically mention the progress we have made as a car sharing co-operative by stating that every time he drives by city hall, the two charging stations are vacant. This means that Yellowknifers are taking advantage of driving our GM Bolt EV to reduce their household expenses while also reducing carbon emissions by driving an electric vehicle around town throughout the year!

If you see our car at city hall, it means it’s available to use. It’s great that Mr. Bryant is noticing how often Yellowknifers are using our electric vehicle!

For more than three years now, the Yk Car Share Co-op has proudly provided Yellowknifers with the opportunity to drive an electric vehicle in the North through all seasons, while at the same time providing household budget relief with an affordable alternative to owning a second or even first vehicle.

We invite Mr. Bryant and all of Yellowknife to assess the possibilities an electric vehicle car sharing model has for matching with their environmental values and providing less strain on their wallet.

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