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People complaining anonymously about Tim Mercer are bullies

There is a group of political bullies in the North. They strategize and angle themselves selfishly, to try to obtain more powerful positions and more power over others. More importantly, they purposely plan to hurt and prey on people no matter the cost, for their own personal gain (elected or not).

They do not have the courage to stand out in the open and show their true motives and faces. If they have not been able to achieve positions through proper, honourable processes, they purposely hurt people who they believe to have been standing in their way. They strategically attack people at the lowest times in their lives.

It is time to at least acknowledge in an open forum that a group of selfish people like this truly does exist here. They are not for the betterment of the territory first. They are for the betterment of themselves first and foremost.

What initiated this guest comment is the recent news article in the weekend Yellowknifer (Friday, May 15) regarding the “Dust up at legislature.” As reported, it concerns two witness complaints at the legislature regarding an altercation between the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly Tim Mercer and Minister Shane Thompson. It concerns the effect this incident had on their specific workplace environment.

I am writing this comment not to discount the limited facts regarding the complaint, but to rather paint a larger picture of what has been happening, what is happening and what needs to stop happening politically. With all respect given to this complaint process and the ability to use this particular process, I strongly question the political motivation behind these complaints and if the complaints are truly needed in this instance.

Could this particular situation possibly have been dealt with in a more thoughtful and constructive manner and not bringing it to such a public level? Did it require a complaint at all? Did it require two separate complaints filed to both supervisor and to WSCC? I wonder, would these complaints have even been lodged if reflecting and viewing them in this manner, and if there was no presence/influence possibly of this bullying group?

If an investigation is going to take place on this particular matter, then an investigation should indeed take place into possibly the bigger reason behind this. If you are going to investigate the surface of a problem, it would also be prudent to investigate what is the root cause beneath the surface, to properly fix and address the problem so it has the least possible chance of resurfacing again. Cast a wider and deeper net.

No one should have to work in a workplace that is uncomfortable, as is what I believe to be the main purpose of these witness complaints. However, how long has it been that Tim and others have worked in an uncomfortable workplace at times, while not saying anything for the greater good, and continually trying to keep personal and political calmness to the best of their ability? The irony is very real here.

Do we all honestly believe that Tim and other people have not been harassed in the legislature as well as other government locations? All people, not just a select few, deserve a workplace free of harassment. It is wrong that some people must live their professional careers wondering, scared and waiting for the next political bomb to drop against them. It is wrong that they have to be constantly on the defensive, and if the low points of their personal matters and affairs are going to be used against them. There is multitude of anxiety and stress associated with these attacks and I have personally been a recipient of these attacks in the past.

Tim Mercer Clerk of the Assembly of the NWT Election 2007 October 01 2007 NNSL photo / George Lessard
Tim Mercer has served as clerk of the legislative assembly since 2003. Before that he was with the City of Yellowknife where he worked with former city councillor Trevor Kasteel.

Let me be clear and upfront, Tim is my friend. I respect the service Tim has given to this city and territory over the past 25-30 years. I met him when I was on Yellowknife city council from 1994-1997, when he held the City of Yellowknife clerk position and then director of Corporate Services role during my tenure there.

Tim isn’t perfect and neither am I … far from it.

Please also know, I respect Minister Shane Thompson and truly appreciate his service.

The reality is that good people are trying to do their jobs at all levels, to the best of their ability however, they can be handcuffed and struggle in silence because of this constant threat from this group, and the influence this group has. Selfishness and hurting people on purpose for personal positioning and influence on this continued scale is completely unacceptable.

We must aim to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.

The GNWT is currently navigating through all aspects of a pandemic and is doing a great job as far as I am concerned. There will always be criticism. You will never make everyone happy.

We are a team and we should not be wasting our time and resources with constant underhanded conflict.