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Winner: Crystal Anne Kuneyuna


“Joshua with his traditional parka on. Sewn with love by myself decorated by my nanak Mary Kudlak. His great Nanak.”

Honorable Mention: Sandra Mangelana-John


“On the shoes of the Beaufort Sea. Upturned tree trunks make awesome thrones. Near my hometown of Tuktoyaktuk.”

Honorable Mention: Madison Ruben


“I took this photo 6 years ago (June 15, 2013) during the spring in Paulatuk, NT when the puddles were as large as small lakes, covering a lot of the ground. The reflections of the sky are what captured my eye.”

Honorable Mention: Francis Gavin


“This photo was taken in Yellowknife. I call it “Winter in the Summer” Might have been somewhere around mid-March.”

Honorable Mention: Beverly Pilgrim


“This photo sums up our day fishing at Pickerel Lake, near Yellowknife, NT.”

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