An abundance of caution over Covid-19 cancelled the 2021 Long John Jamboree.

The annual event’s board of directors said Sunday that pandemic precautions would be preventing this year’s festival from taking place.

Long John Jamboree, the annual festival in March, has been cancelled for the 2021 season. NNSL file photo.

The board noted that the ice carving competition, one of the festival’s main events, relies heavily on the participation of international travel, something that evidently is not safe at this time. 

“We are unable to provide the type of even that the public would like to bring forward,” they said in the letter, though they assured that the annual Jamboree is not going anywhere. 

In their letter, posted to Facebook Sunday afternoon, the board said that the decision to cancel the festivities was a difficult one but that they “plan to be back out on the ice in 2022,” and  “have many exciting ideas we are anxious to show everyone.”


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